Social Media Advertising Techniques

Why Search Engine Optimization) Techniques for Social Media Advertising

Social Media Advertising Techniques

Doesn’t it make sense that Social Media Advertising Techniques can be used for all types of commercial purposes? With a diverse range of categories, services, and global approaches social media platform can deliver more than your expectations. Businesses from all industry & market consistently stepping-in to avail benefits of the most powerful channel of promotion & social media advertising that is known as social networking. Tweeting, posting, Instagram stories, sharing & writing are common and this is the major issue that can annoy you because with millions of post & shares, what do you think where your valuable post stands.

There is not an iota that social media can enhance your business values if the posting techniques are not chronic. Do you use SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques with social media posting? Ask this question to yourself and if the answer is no then this is the right time to refresh your ideas for the sake of your business.

List of social media websites & blogs that you can taste for the commercial intention

  1. Twitter

    : Undoubtedly, this is the most used micro blogging website that is on the top list of all companies, marketers, & people of all ages love to tweets which are restricted to 140 words. More than 100 million users post 340 million tweets per day.

  1. Facebook:

    This is the social media website that is dynamically used by people around the world as well as by companies for commercial purposes. 2 billion active users are there on the Facebook so ignoring the potential of this social networking is not a wise step.

  1. LinkedIn:

    This is a business & employee oriented social website which is vigorously used by business owners, corporate, entrepreneurs, and office people. There are 500 million active users use LinkedIn per day.


Instagram is an online photo sharing application that is available for mobiles and desktop. This website allows you to share pictures publicly or privately. 365 million users including celebrities, sportsperson, etc.  actively use Instagram to stay in touch with their fans.

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