How to Optimize Your Instagram Profile

How to Optimize Your Instagram Profile

5 Tips to Optimize your Instagram Profile

5 Tips to Optimize your Instagram Profile

Summary: The profile of your Instagram is your homepage on the specific platform. It offers you with the space for sharing information about your business/service/products and even provides you the opportunity to drive traffic back to your site. In this post, we would give you some tips about How to optimize your Instagram profile and also drive value from it as much as possible.

  1. Your Description/Bio

Your description is quite personal to your brand and what you want to share on Instagram must be a spokes person for your business and show your supporters what you actually do as an organization. The majority of businesses tend to comprise either or both of the underneath:

  • Tagline or brand slogan
  • An outline of who you really are what you do
  1. Profile Picture

Your profile image is the most important part of your Instagram profile. And on Instagram, the best method to showcase your branding is your profile picture. While somebody views your posts or clicks right on your profile, it is good if your brand is easily recognizable. Well, for several brands, this generally tends to imply using one of these three options:

  • Mascot
  • Logo mark
  • Logo
  1. Your link

Like many other social network platforms, Instagram never lets you add links to each post. In fact, you get only one link which is the one in your Instagram profile. The majority businesses use this link for driving traffic back to their site and this link can even be the main way for driving traffic from Instagram to individual piece of content or campaign-centric landing pages.

  1. Quality over Quantity

While somebody happens upon over your account, the first thing that they would possibly do is scroll through the most recent posts f your profile. This implies you want to make sure that everything you share is top-class – you don’t intend to make bad impressions with a lame image, right? Instagram is a place for quality and not quantity. While ideating content, keep in mind that your profile is nothing but an extension of the brand experience.

  1. Instagram Optimization Needs Engagement and Listening

How to optimize your Instagram profile

The aforementioned tips are definitely superb to optimize your Instagram profile, but what next? You will need to engage. As you know, now Instagram uses an algorithm feed depending on relevancy. This implies that besides from creating great content, you have to motivate followers to interact for staying visible, like highlighting users, hosting event/contest, using hashtags and more.

Hope now you have understood to optimize your Instagram profile in a proper way.


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