Instagram Marketing Guide

Instagram Marketing: The Complete Guide to Instagram for Business

Do you know how to use instagram marketing guide to your business & for the global approach? How much interaction do you experience on your profile & post with Insta? How do you target your audience using an effective business profile?

Instagram Profile

Business & Marketing Fact – Instagram has 400 million active users and consistently growing with time and 3.5 billion images were liked. If you’re a freelancer, a business person, a model, writer, service provider, an entrepreneur or whatever industry you belong to Instagram can endlessly satisfy all your commercial & marketing goals. Simultaneously, using Instagram in a wrong way (unknowingly) can damage your social reputation harshly. Here are a few effective tips on how to grow my Instagram using Instagram growth idea by Social Worx.​

Instagram Marketing

Instagram Marketing

Setup Your Instagram Business Account

  1. Here we’re assuming that everyone knows how to setup an account – it is very easy and can be done in a few minutes.
  2. Make a business username– Your name if you’re a freelancer, company name & business owner name if the username is taken then prefer company/brand name that will work much better.
  3. Fill your profile with true information– include a nice logo, brand photo, a short introduction about you or your company, and a link to your website.
  4. Connect your account to Facebook – Instagram is owned by Facebook and the tremendous blend of two most powerful social media influencer will deliver an outstanding marketing result.
  5. Scheduling platform for your content is essential– Content on the Internet & on social media is king, niche descriptive content can alone enhance and attract visitors to your business upto 60%.
  6. Effective marketing strategy approach– Marketing on Instagram has may feature& consistently update new marketing tools which will help you to make an emphatic marketing strategy to enhance your business. Don’t forget that Instagram is an image & video sharing platform so use the visual way to tell more about you.
  7. Every image & video should have hashtags– hashtags are the most vital and fundamental part of doing anything & everything on Instagram. Also, use unique & popular hashtags for marketing campaigns. For instance, if you are hosting a photography contest, make a unique tag just of the campaign, if you’re promoting your pastries than try using #deliciouspastries, this tactic is far much better for Instagram marketing strategy/campaigand posting content.
  8. Also use generic hashtags–using general hashtags in your post also assist your post to be found for your product or service posts. For instance, #coffee, #pizza, #latte, etc.
  9. Sharing is caring– Don’t be meanest, share follower’s content. Let your customers know what you think about their photos and videos. Also, you can share the content with Facebook followers.
  10. @mention your customers/follower– @mentioning is another vital part of Instagram. Appreciate any user by mentioning then in great photos. This is how you can appreciate your customers and they’ll get engage with your market.
  11. Innovative ideas loved by everyone – Don’t pick up random photo from the Internet, be creative & innovative. Great ideas are always appreciated.
  12. Show if your services have some offer– People on the Internet and on Instagram always crave for great sale and offers. Attract them by using great, image and video clip, the last day of the offer using catchy slogans, for instance, save up to 60% authentic jeans for men’s.  Great sale on electronic devices for the limited
  13. Live streaming on Instagram– if you’re soon going to launch a new product or service let your people on Instagram know more about it via live video streaming. For instance, make a video of 15 to 20 sec of you & your people working for the launching date. You can also introduce an important person of the company telling about the product/service.
  14. These marketing tips will assist you to get better with your customers & followers and how to grow your Instagram.

Grow My Instagram

Niro Knox – A Short Introduction

Niro Knox is a top Instagram influencer from London that helps businesses to get great exposure & followers using organic Instagram marketing.  Serving global industries, freelancers, models, small businesses, etc. With deep root in Instagram marketing. Niro Knox consistently upgrade its knowledge & also if there is anything new on Instagram.