Instagram Marketing Tips

Instagram Marketing Tips – Fantasy of 21st Century Business

Instagram statics in 2018 showing a massive hike in the number of users that are currently more than 800 million (Monthly Active Users). According to Instagram marketing tips, it is concluded that it will reach a billion at the end of 2018.

 Easy Instagram Marketing Tips to Grow Brand on Instagram

Uncanny Instagram Marketing Features and Prosperous for Marketers

Without a shadow of the dark Instagram can be considered the powerhouse of the social media world. And, if you have a few brilliant ideas Instagram marketing can help you out to fulfill your business and market demands in London. From the dawn of social media marketing till the date social media has experienced a lot of reclamation, management, and marketing on Instagram are frequently updated by its developers. In order to endorse businesses and learn everything Instagram always come back with helping videos.

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“2018 Instagram Marketing Tips”

Point to be noted: 7 out of 10 hashtags used on Instagram are global brand. Branding the content using leveraging hashtags not only drive traffic but also grow the possibilities of the best marketing campaigns.

  1. Hashtags are the fuel of any post. They’re everywhere from casual conversation to marketing campaigns, from TV commercials and on billboards too, post with at least one hashtag engage 21.6% more users activity than those without.
  2. Maybe you’re aware of that each Instagram post allows up to 30 hashtags and the optimum number of hashtags are 11.
  3. The best and intelligent technique to kick off a UGC campaign on Instagram is with the help of a branded hashtag or which is massively used.
  4. A popular hashtag is unique to your business and post promotion and for marketing campaign as well.   Although it is recommended using the name of your company or the tagline of the product or a related tagline, also you can be created using a few creative hashtags.

Many business have already jumped in to grab the global attention via marketing on Instagram for features like:

  • Information, leads, and more exposure
  • Running effective and potential campaigns
  • Real time marketing assessment
  • The best part is Instagram allows you to create new ads

How Instagram Marketing Stimulate Small Businesses

Still scratching your head? The best part of the Instagram marketing campaign is, it provides equal opportunities to use your skills and marketing techniques with simple yet effective guidelines. You must experience business leveraging features because –

  1. 71% of the United States and the United Kingdom business are using Instagram
  2. 80% of global users follow more than two business
  3. Over 120 million Insta users visited a website, got direction, a good deal call via the Instagram
  4. Instagram mobile ad revenue is about to hit $7 billion in 2018
  5. 25% of ads are just a video
  6. Ads on Instagram increased by 28% in the mid of 2017
  7. Post with a map get more attention
  8. Insta users engage more on weekdays
  9. 80% of influencers on Instagram prefer brand collaboration
  10. Photos with faces get 38% more likes
  11. User generated content deliver 4.5% higher conversion rate


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