Instagram Pods

Truth Behind the Curtain – What is Instagram Pods?

The platform of marketing, advertising, and strategically posting offered by Instagram is exploring analogically, launched with some basic features this social media application is seducing its users & the virtual market since 2010. In a general way, the Instagram pods include a private group or a group of a message that is composed of 10-20 users and when anybody post content it will receive by the users of the group as DM (direct message) and a few more lines on Instagram comment pods.

In June 2016, Instagram rolled out its new algorithm that displays posts in a hierarchy according to the popularity in a chronological order. This algorithm is also known as Instagram comment pod.

Instagram Pods

Instagram Comment Pod Rules

• Consistently like, sharing and comment on photo is essential because this algorithm is highly comment based.
• This algorithm counts the number of comments & commenters so you need to engage by replying back.
• Commenting back to every member of the pod is also important.
• A pod should have maximum 15 to 20 members

Types of Instagram Comment Pods

There are essentially 3 types of Instagram comment pods that are as follow –

1. Group message on Instagram
2. A Facebook group
3. For the Influencer in comment pod “Turn on Notification”

How Instagram Pods Can Help to Increase My Engagement

Yes, there is a plethora of aspects that can skyrocket your Instagram engagement, however, if you’re getting 5 extra like from any member of the group that can low your impact. Although, you can join more than a pod.

Target Your Audience – For instance, if you’re a tattoo designer and want to target young people around than join the pod that has similar users. Instagram algorithm often shown your content to the pod members using “page explorer” or “suggest users feature”. Engaging in a right pod can grow your engagement and this technique can be very useful for your marketing strategy.

How to Join an Instagram Comment Pod?

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To join an Instagram comment pod are strictly by invitation only or you can request to be the part of the group. You can also create your comment pod, as a part of the pod, it is a huge responsibility to like and comment for to prove you as an active member of Instagram Pods.

Get More Instagram Followers with Comment Pods Tips

Instagram comment pods  can assist you by enhancing your profile & interaction with other users, using of the best suited pod is recommended because engaging in worthless can hassle you. If you’re looking for niche strategy on how to get more followers on Instagram, Social Worx can assist you via an organic process that is designed to outpace your Instagram engagement.

Effective Instagram pod marketing can immensely enhance your Engagement