Why use Instagram for business?

Why use Instagram for business?

Choose Instagram to Run your Business Efficiently

Summary: With over 600 million users and 80 million photographs, each day shared, there is absolutely no question on whether Instagram is here to stay or not. And with this popular social media network lately introducing a self-serve advertising platform, so there are simply more opportunities for you and your business as well.

Why use Instagram for business?

Now you may wonder Why use Instagram for business? Isn’t it? Well, there are multiple reasons behind that. And here we are going to discuss some of them. So, let’s explore them together:

  • Individuals Spend a Great Numbers of Hours on Instagram

Apart from Facebook, Instagram is certainly one of the most famous social networking sites where people love to spend a big chunk of their whole day. That implies you have better possibilities and more time to get yourself in front of your potential customers. Is that really something that you just ignore?

  • Visual Content Rules

Social media users always want visual content. Well, how many times have you really scrolled past a thousand posts on your feed and topped at a video or photo? Visual content is believed to be the most important component when it comes to promoting for business and improving their social media presence.

  • Instagram Always Drives Sales

Let you know that Instagram has a high conversion rate for sales than platforms like Pinterest and Polyvore. Visitors oftentimes go on to buy items right after visiting Instagram account and spend on average $65.00. As Instagram is a visual platform, so it cuts through the disorder and allows your products to speak for themselves.

  • It Lets you be Creative Enough

Instagram has unlimited opportunities for creativity and innovations. It enables you to get creative, tell stories, and create a visual recognition for your brand in a real-time. Run contests, be consistent, and engage with your followers. Instagram is completely a fun platform, hence don’t be afraid of experimenting and showing your brands personality.

  • The Audience is Engaged Always on Instagram

Though Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms till date, Instagram followers are likely to engage as well as share content. Well, top brands are noticing a 4.21% rate of engagement on the platform that has coined Instagram to be the king of engagement.

Hope you have understood Why use Instagram for business? Or do you really require any more reasons to get yourself as well as your business on this particular platform?


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